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Bali Spa - Jamu Spa School

Welcome to Jamu Spa School
Jamu Spa School Bali is located in Tuban, only a few minutes away from the airport and the centre of Kuta. Jamu Spa School Bali is an affiliate of Jamu Traditional Spa Company, which is the pioneer of the Spa School in Bali.

The name "Jamu" refers to the old Indonesian heritage of elixirs and remedies for health and beauty that has been passed down through generations of Indonesian women. It is these rejuvenation and beauty secrets that are taught in our professional courses. All the products we use are natural and made from fresh local ingredients.

Jamu Spa School Bali is operated by spa professionals with many years of experience and provides professional spa training and certificates for every graduate. Designed for the novice or the professional therapist, our experienced team of trainers will guide you through the steps of traditional treatments and massage therapies.

Jamu Spa School Bali provides training courses from 1 week up to 3 months, which give you knowledge and experience to work successfully in spas in hotels and resorts worldwide.

Our school is fully equipped with 5 treatment rooms with AC/fan, changing rooms with lockers and a small café that serves lunch and refreshments.

Special from us:
1 month Balinese treatments course:
Learn in 1 month 4 traditional Balinese treatments,
such as Balinese massage, Lulur body scrub, Creambath
and our natural Facial from fresh local ingredients.

Jamu Spa School Course and Packages

1 Week Course
- Traditional Balinese massage
- Body Scrubs and Wraps
- Traditional Creambath Hair Treatment
- Natural Facial Treatment
- Aromatheraphy Massage
- Reflexology
- Warm Stone Massage
- Thai Massage
- Waxing, Manicure and Pedicure

Professional Spa Training
- 1 month courses
- 2 months Massage & Beauty training
- 3 months Massage Therapist training

- 1 or 3 days packages
- Tailor made packages

Tuition Fees
- Tuition fees
- Included in courses
- Other information

Bali Spa - Jamu Traditional Spa

Jamu Traditional Spa
Cempaka Package

JAMU Traditional Spa at AlamKulKul is set within a beautiful facility with the Balinese Village theme of the resort. Jamu Spas offer authentic health and beauty treatments from the islands of Bali and Java, using only the finest ingredients freshly-prepared according to the age-old tradition of Jamu.

Jamu Traditional Spa's beautifying and healing treatments are renowned for their authentic nature. Based on century-old recipes handed down from mother to daughter over generations, these recipes are now available to you at JAMU. Intimate and cozy, infusing elements of the natural environment, JAMU's spas create healing sanctuaries for body, mind and spirit. Soft music and soothing aromas greet guests as they succumb to the caring hands of the JAMU therapists.

Each treatment has a unique, freshly prepared menu made from locally produced herbs, fruits, flowers, roots, spices, honey and high quality essential oils for therapeutic benefits. JAMU's 100% pure and natural spa products are uniquely designed and hand-made exclusively for each spa. Bring them home to recreate your own private spa experience or as gifts for loved ones.

Jamu Traditional Spa
Contemporary Body Treatments

JAMU Traditional Spa at AlamKulKul is set within a beautiful facility with the Balinese Village theme of the resort. Jamu Spas offer authentic health and beauty treatments from the islands of Bali and Java, using only the finest ingredients freshly-prepared according to the age-old tradition of Jamu. Jamu Traditional Spa's beautifying and healing treatments are renowned for their authentic nature. Based on century-old recipes handed down from mother to daughter over generations, these recipes are now available to you at JAMU. Intimate and cozy, infusing elements of the natural environment, JAMU's spas create healing sanctuaries for body, mind and spirit. Soft music and soothing aromas greet guests as they succumb to the caring hands of the JAMU therapists.

Each treatment has a unique, freshly prepared menu made from locally produced herbs, fruits, flowers, roots, spices, honey and high quality essential oils for therapeutic benefits. JAMU's 100% pure and natural spa products are uniquely designed and hand-made exclusively for each spa. Bring them home to recreate your own private spa experience or as gifts for loved ones.

Duration: 90 minutes

Contemporary body treatments choices:
- Papaya, Kemiri Mint Body Wrap
- Earth & Flowers Body Mask
- Aloe Lavender Treatment

Bali Spa - Bali Ratu Spa

Bali Ratu Spa a unique place for relaxation. RATU"is the meaning of queen in Balinese.

Try the taste of natural traditional Balinese treatment. If you spend the elegant and luxurious time like a queen, your heart & body will be healed. Bali Ratu Spa Care About Your Healty.


I. Special Menu For All Market Except Japanese/Rusia

First enjoy a foot bath followed with a short foot massage, scrub the feet and wash. Body steam, then enjoy the relaxing massage movement using chices of fragrance massage oil which bring complete harmony through your entire body. This treatment will also smoothen your skin and finished with a hot shower, ginger tea will be served.
- Duration : 2 Hours

First foot bath, body steam, then the relaxing massage over your body with choices of fragrance aroma massage oil. Then we treat your body with a body scrub of rice powder blend with spices, followed by polishing your body with milk. Finally immerse yourself in a relaxing bath with flower.
- Duration : 2 hours

First a foot bath, body steam, then traditional balinese massage (choice of aroma therapy massage oil), light facial, herbal body scrub, polishing with yogurt, flower bath, body moisturizing (to moisturize your skin disorders that caused of sunburn) ginger tea will be served
- Duration : 2 hours

Flower foot bath, body massage using aroma therapy, herbal scrub, polishing with milk, flower bath. Hair creambath applying "RATUS DEDES" an aroma therapy of Solo Palace (Keraton Solo) will be burned and the vapor of fragrance will reach your hair
- Duration : 3 hours

Bali Spa - Spa in Bali

Martha Tilaar Salon & Spa
Our Aromatic products are all made from natural ingredients, which are exclusive to Martha Tilaar combining healing herbal properties and professional therapeutic services, which together create a new paradise of beautiful body treatments like, Hair-Body-Hand-Foot care, Make Up & Spa-bringing you a new sense of rejuvenation & well-being.

A harmonized synergy based on traditional, the chinese, Egyptian, and european techniques massage to involving even steps of stroking kneading and pressing the soft tissues of the entire body. A perfect way to rejuvenate tired muscles and relax the mind. Enjoy the herbal tea while relaxing in sootihng bath of fresh flowers, honey and aromatic oil.

Bali Hyatt
A glorious treatment transcend the mind and emotion. Enjoy the mystical power of frankincense, rose and sandalwood and enlighten your inner beauty. The treatment begins with an aromatic sauna, choice of aromatic body scrubs, a mineral or milk bath, completed with an aromatic body massage and scalp massage.

Nusa Dua Spa
The ancient form of message is based on the natural properties of essential oils Nusa Dua Spa's specially blended oils for relaxation and circulation, used during a Swedish massage are the perfect way to rejuvenate tired muscles and relax the mind.

Pita Maha

Immerse yourself and relax in style with a healing session at the Pita Maha Private Villa Spa, the centre- piece of the resort. The lavishly appointed Private Villa Spa offers a new completeness in health treatments, the total relaxation of body and mind in the most exquisite surrounding.

Anika Spa Bali

Inspired by the beauty of Bali's natural environs, Anika Spa presents a natural relaxation and treatment assortment for health and beauty. Spa guests experience treatments from head to toe, and find it a perfect way to indulge in holiday pleasure, reviving, energizing, refreshing and pampering their way into a brighter complexion.

Anika Spa offers a complete range of body treatments for stress reduction and restoring health and beauty, and is a total retreat in the name of wellbeing.

Anika Spa is dedicated to travelers, busy professionals or couples who seek a retreat where they can rejuvenate both body and soul.

Free transport is available within the Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua areas, adding to the value offered to its guests. Treatments range from the traditional massage options, comprised of a full body massage using aromatherapy oil and combining the acupressure and stretching techniques of Balinese style, and will provide a sense of serenity and wellbeing and will improve blood circulation. Aromatherapy reduces stress and alleviates the body of toxin build-ups.

Bali Ratu Spa
"RATU" is the meaning of Queen in Balinese. Try the taste of natural traditional Balinese treatment. It will healed the heart and body, and spend the elegant and luxurious .

Thalasso Bali
Despite the unique designs, gives priority to the results and techniques of the 11 different sea water based spa treatments which are originated from France.

Replacing worldly concerns with a world of comfort. Escape to a place where the soothing, ever-present rhythm of the Indian Ocean inspires renewal. Features the world’s

Ubud Sari Health Resort
Ubud Sari is a health resort where people enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual life through the resources and skills of a highly trained staff in a quiet.

Bali Spa - Spa Resorts

Biwana Spa at Aston Bali Resort & Spa
Aston Bali's Biwana Spa is the ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation. The Spa manager is only to pleased to assist you in creating a memorable day. A wide variety of treatments are available, from Body Scrubs with coconut or herbs to Body Treatments with traditional message under a Balinese Bale are just some of delightful choices offered.

Spa at Le Meridien Nirwana Bali Golf & Spa

Nirwana Spa specializes in water and seaweed treat- ments, which have a strong purifying effect on mind and body. At Le Meridien Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort, the breathtaking vistas and natural ambience make this resort unlike any other in Bali. The sight from the hotel's lobby takes in the crashing surf and rice terraces which form a stunning backdrop.

Frangipani Spa at Sheraton Nusa Indah Resort
Indulge in an array of exotic Indonesian and Western body treatments and massage in the privacy and comfort of the new Frangipani Spa and health club.Profesionnaly run by "windys Program" leading Spa operator. Following is a selection of the indulgent treatment available in the Spa.

Kawas Spa at Hotel Putri Bali
Creates a felling of well being and new energy by applying Indonesian traditional spice oil followed by a deep therapeutic tissue massage using paim pressure combined with firm long strokes.Have fun in the sun on one of the most beautiful expanses of golden sand imaginable.

Thalasso Bali at Grand Mirage Resort
Free your mind and body in the healing powers of the sea. The world's most powerful life source holds the key to health, beauty and relaxation. The intrinsic link between you and sea, forms the basis of this life giving treatment.

Sunset Beach Spa at Ramada Bintang Bali Resort
The Sunset Beach Spa is the only spa in Bali which is located on the beach. All our treatments rooms overlook the ocean and feature large open windows that perfectly capture the beautifull Balinese sunsets and cool sea breezes.

Mandara Spa at Hotel Padma Bali
The Spa, run by the internationally - known Mandara Spa, adds an extra touch of Paradise for those seeking to restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Each spa treatments are presented in the quiet indoor treatment rooms or tranquil open - air garden villas.
Jamu Nature Spa at Alam Kulkul Hotel
Jamu is the Indonesian name for generic, natural healing treatments used both internally as tonics or externally as beauty and healing treatments. All our treatments are made fresh daily in our cosmetic kitchen using pure flowers, leaves, spices and herbs.

Bali Spa - Laguna Spa at Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua


Upon entering our private air conditioned SPA facilities, you will be greeted by one of our professionally trained Spa & Beauty Consultants and offered a variety services

The highlight of this facility is featuring the ultimate in indulgence and relaxation for two persons with privacy and enjoyment in mind. It offers separate massage rooms where both, body scrubs and full body massages take place, which are followed by an invigorating shower with jetstreams, before sinking into a romantic jacuzzi bath scented with herbal oils for your intimate bathing pleasure.

Add to this a collagen velvet eye mask after with you can enjoy fruits, refreshment and listening to soothing music or for you viewing pleasure watch television whilst reclining on the Bale Banjar bed, and your experience is complete.

Bali Spa - Parwathi Spa at Matahari Beach Resort & Spa

Close your eyes and imagine splashing Water fountains, colorful light in a tropical garden and the scent of lotus and frangipani flowers floating on warm. air. This is not a dream; this magical atmosphere awaits you in the Parwathi Spa. Enjoy the calming influence of traditional. Balinese arts pictured in a botanical paradise, resembling an ancient royal palace.

A promise of Bali, pure relaxation and the joyful charm of the natives are set into reality. Unique treatments were created for two therapists working together in total harmony. Feel this sensual experience and let the spirit flow - wellness for body and soul.

PARWATHI’S SPA exclusively designed Sthira and Sukha massages and treatments mirror the idea of unity attained through eternal duality - relaxing and rejuvenating.


The Sthira Massage is a revitalizing treatment, designed to alleviate stress and mental fatigue by relaising blocked energy from the muscles and connective tissue, and redirecting its flow throughout the body to rebalance and reenergize it while calming and clearing the Mind.


The Sukha Massage is luxuriously relaxing, designed to ease all tension through the use of long, rhythmic movements that open, balance and calm the body’s sublte energy centers, while comforting and stilling the mind, creating a lasting feeling of deep peace and tranquility.


In addition to our classic SPA treatments we can offer you an unique balinese wellness experience you will never forget: The Bali Massage is handes down through the generations and it is a very soft and relaxing massage from head to toe. Enjoy this calming effect on your body with the sounds of the ocean at the beach pavilion.


The different types of Massages are the final luxuries in a matching, supporting treatment sequence designed to cleanse, purify and rebalance the body and mind. The body scrubs and body masks will be created with pure essential oils, to allow them to use their healing aroma therapy in combination with the body treatment.


Step back in time, imagine and feel how the Brahmana cast celebrated their wedding preparation with ultimate body treatments and rituals. The ultimate indulgence begins with a deluxe Sthira of Suhka treatment. Enjoying a glass of Champagne the ritual will take place. Live like the Balinese royal, a private waiter will serve a ten course gala dinner surrounded by the sound of splashing water in the pavilion.

The total privacy of the SPA invites to spend the night in the Bali Sari, a king’s bed, open to all sides. A warm night breeze will let you fall a sleep gently.

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VW Safari Bali Tours

Go Topless - VW Safari Tours definitely isn’t the type of tour that just anyone can appreciate, especially those creatures of comfort who are used to traveling in full air-conditioned vehicles. But, if you have an adventurous streak and inkling to see the ‘real’ Bali, then you are in for a treat. Recently Bali Tribune had the opportunity to participate in a VW Safari tour along with four other visitors from England and Australia. We left the dust and crowds of Kuta behind and traveled in a rainbow convoy of three vehicles along the winding back roads of Seminyak. Once away from the tourist hustle and bustle, the drivers stopped briefly to let down the canvas roofs. It was a perfect day, the sky almost cloudless with just the right amount of breeze to splay ones hair in every direction.

Although the VW or Volkswagen, as it is more commonly known, has a fairly noisy engine it was surprising the speed that our 1976 machine displayed. Our humble Balinese driver/guide, must have been a rally driver in a previous life as he expertly maneuvered the vehicle around sharp bends.

The convoy traveled through some quiet unknown roads and past some spectacular rice fields in the various stages of harvest. Workers were bundled in layers of clothing and conical hats to protect them from the harsh tropical sun as they thrashed sheaves of dried rice stalks. Groups of small village children laughed and waved as we droved by, obviously amused at the crazy tourists in the noisy machines.

Our first stop point was on the isolated Tabanan coast at Yeh Gangga Beach. After a refreshing cool drink and snack of lightly fried bananas, our group alighted two large horse drawn buggies for the five-minute trek to the beach. We were greeted by several majestic looking horses in shades of chestnut and black who were to be our companions for the next hour or so. The ride along the black volcanic sand beach was invigorating and the Menado mixture horses willingly trotted past the newly opened Wakka Gangga Resort, with stops at an ancient temple, small waterfall, bat cave and back through the sleepy village. The time atop our four-legged friends flew by and before long we were back in our newly painted cream, yellow and fluorescent orange VW’s.

Once again we wove and bumped through a series of small and un-serviced roads observing quaint villages and weather worn temples. The particular day that we were out was an auspicious day on the Balinese calendar and was especially good for a groom and his entourage of family to pick up his prospective bride from her family compound. We saw numerous processions of such with everyone decked in their finest sarongs and gold jewellery.

As our vehicles steadily proceeded through the Tabanan Regency the air became distinctly cooler in the higher altitude. The surrounding vegetation here was richer with deep red hibiscus flowers growing wildly along the roadsides alternating with tall shoots of bamboo. Our descent was steady until we reach the most stunning emerald shaded rice terraces on the island. The area of Jatiluwih has been relatively untouched by technology and comprises of literally acres of fertile land with a minimum of houses scattered in between. We had a rest at a small hillside café constructed from rods of bamboo and were served cups of sweet muddy Balinese coffee.

The last leg of our trek the drivers must have been hungry as we spiraled down from the mountainous location through villages of smiling children to our lunch destination at the Ayung River Rafting headquarters. Set on the lush sloping riverbank, the area is home to a host of chattering monkeys and a handful of regally poised camels who have adapted perfectly to their tropical environment. After a delicious buffet lunch downed with icy cold drinks we were offered the chance to participate in the afternoon river raft. On a full stomach nobody had the energy to venture the stone steps down the bank to the river. So we sat back and relaxed in the restaurant with its backdrop of splendid greenery.

The flexibility of the drivers from VW Safari’s makes a refreshing change from normal tours. They are quite willing to stop off for photos or anywhere that happens to catch the guests’ eye. There is none of the usual mundane stops at the overpriced art shops and silver dealers, where prices are hiked to give guides a slice in the commission pie.

On the trip back our group was more than a little merry, noses reddened from exposure to the sun and drunk from the sights and sounds of the ‘real’ Balinese countryside. The sky overhead was darkening with rain lurking close by. It was time to put up the canvas tops and return home.

Go Topless - VW Safari Tours operate daily with both half and full day tours starting at a very reasonably priced . The tour we experienced was the Tabanan Tour and guests have the option at the end of the day to stop off at Jimbaran Bay, in the south of Bali, for a succulent beachside BBQ dinner at the Bamboo and Baruna Seafood Café. An alternate route is the Kintamani tour, which also travels through some splendid natural terrain and stopping off at places of interest.

Go Topless - VW Safari Tours is a wonderful visual experience with perfect scenery for budding photographers. If you can handle windblown hair and the roar of the vehicle’s 25-year-old engine, then you’re in for a great day out. Sunscreen and cameras are a must.

(Duration 9 hours)

VW open top vehicle will pick you up from your Hotel lobby and will take you to the Horse Riding Location where you can experience 30 minutes Horse Ridding along black volcanic sand of the Saba beach.The vw safari tour will re-start the journey and drive you thru natural Balinese environment to get to the starting point of the white water rafting for 2 hours adventure along the ayung river.The rafting will be end at our finishing pant Karang dalem village for delicious Indonesian buffet lunch while enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of Ubud which located opposite our river view restaurant. After.finishing your lunch and being totaly refresh due will drive for another 1 hour to the famous area of Jatiluwih for it rice terrace.Before taking you back to your Hotel and end our combination of fun tour activity we will take you to our last stop at '' Yeh Panes '' to introduce you to the Balinese natural hot spring.


(Duration 8 hours)

Get picked up from your hotel in Bali's coolest most funky mode of transport - the VW Safari. Cruise through the rice paddies and sleepy villages of Bali with the roof down (weather permitting) and the wind rushing through your hair! The most classic of tropical journeys, pass through the village of Pejaten, famous for its ceramics, tiles and hand-made bricks.

On to Asia's largest Butterfly sanctuary; the Bali Butterfly Park affords a unique look into the life and times of these beautiful creatures, including a butterfly nursery. From the tiniest of tiny to the magnificent Kupu Kupu Barong this is a fascinating look at the butterfly. Yeh Panas Hot Springs is the next stop to take a dip in the steaming volcanic springs known for their warm mineral waters and ancient healing properties. Return through Jatiluwih, home to Bali's (and arguably the world's) most stunning vistas of terraced rice-paddies. Enjoy a delicious Indonesian buffet lunch before heading back to the hotel to bask in your new experiences.


(Duration 5 hours)

Sit back and relax get pick up vw open top vehicle . Enjoy a unique adventure driving toward one of Bali. Sight seing destination for it steep terrace rice paddies of Jatiluwih. Giving you a lot of opportunity for taking great panoramic picture where you can can't find it any other place apart from here at the island of God.

You will also be taking into Yeh Panes to be introduce to Bali's natural hot spring as well as enjoying your afternoon snack before getting back to hotel.

What to Bring (recommended)
• Hat, sunscreen, camera

Bali Trike Tour - Nirvana Trike

Bali Trike Tour is new concept to see the natural beauty of the island on a three wheels big motor bike.
The tours have incorporated the finest materials married to the very best in component design. Please take the opportunity to review the unique features of this trike and observe this commitment to engineering excellence, which we bring to you, the triker.

PT. Bali Custom Motor
PT Bali Custom Motor is a Priority Limited Company situated on the island of Bali in the archipelago of Indonesia. We are the manufacturers of the "NIRVANA TRIKE".

We have been operating since 2001 and employ a total of 30 local and foreign workers. The Nirvana trike was designed by Steven Pritlove who has been involved in the motorcycle industry for over 20 years. Steven is from England and migrated to Bali in 1996. Not long after arriving he entered a joint venture partnership with an Australian, Kent May and together started to manufacture trikes for the world market.

We wanted to build a trike that would compare to the Rolls Royce industry and offer a recreational vehicle that would compare to no other on the world market. With a substantial amount invested we have finally come up with what we call the world’s first manufactured trike built to a standard of extreme excellence. The entire chassis, front forks, handle bars, running boards, head stock, nuts and bolts are built from the highest grade stainless steel here in our factory and supervised by our engineer Steven Pritlove.

We have now complied with all government standards and have full volume supply rights to the Indonesian and Australian markets. All trikes are built to the Australian Design Rules regulation (ADR) on trikes.

Our mission was to supply a trike with no hidden costs, no extras. A trike that was durable, safe, comfortable and a touch of class. A trike that would take the market by storm.

The Nirvana trike not only offers the highest grade materials but also offers a unique convertible seating system that can be transformed from a two seater trike to a 3 seater trike in minutes, offering you the choice ! In one package.

After many hours and endless trials we now have created a unique, affordable machine that will out last any trike on the market in all aspects.

Our company is located in Bali, Indonesia but is to the highest of western standards. Our staff have been trained to the highest degree and together we offer our services to the industry and uphold an absolute five star standard. “Built to last, Built to perform, Built to impress and built to satisfy YOU!”

We thank you for taking the time to review our company.

Keep on Triking !


The Ocean Run Tour is a great way to experience Bali. Tour the famous Uluwatu region with some of Bali 's most spectacular panoramic views. This tour takes you through small Balinese villages and along the coastline of the Indian ocean . After touring this region you will then be treated to some of the finest dining that Bali has to offer. You will dine exclusively on the famous Nusa Dua Beach, enjoying a magnificent seafood lunch, prepared by professional Balinese Chefs. The Ocean Run lasts for approximately 3 hours and includes hotel transfers, Seafood lunch (fish,prawns,calamari,welcome drink), helmets,trike hire and an experienced Driver A great way to see Bali ! Recommended for the whole family !


This tour offers such a variety of excitement around Bali for 2 days and 1 night. View all that Bali has to offer from beaches to volcanoes from rainforests to rice paddies. Enjoy the open air and freedom. Experience Bali's customs and temples.
Camp in the heart of the Kintamani along the Lake of Kintamani. After a day of touring enjoy a shooting swim in the volcanic hot springs along side of the camping ground.
Tour includes all meals, accommodation in tent, drive and hotel transfer


Why not design your own tour !
Go where you want to go,see what you want to see !

This tour gives you the opportunity to hire a Trike and sight see Bali at your own will. Trike tour includes hotel transfers, helmets and an experience Driver. There is a minimum hire rate of 5 hours.Group bookings available. Contact our sales team for more information about this tour.


The Island Run has it all. An absolutely unforgettable holiday tour !

This is the only tour in Bali that offers such a vast variety of excitement Tour around Bali for 5 days and 4 nights. View all that Bali has to offer from secluded beaches to Volcanoes from rainforests to awesome sunsets. Accompany us on this exceptional recreational touring Vehicle a Nirvana Trike.Enjoy the open air and freedom. Experience Bali's customs and temples, beaches and food. Stay in a different hotel in a different location every night.

Day One
On arrival to Bali - 1st nights accommodation is an optional extra.airport pick-up and one nights accomodation available at the hotel.

Day Two
We start buy picking you up from your hotel and bring you to our office for a short briefing after the briefing the adventure starts ! We then leave for the famous village of Ubud. Ubud is a village set at the base of Mount Agung where we will take you to monkey forest and visit the surrounding scenery and the Japanese caves of world war 2. After touring the region we then check into the Ubud bungalows where you can enjoy the comforts of the hotel and refresh yourselves for the day ahead.

Day Three
After breakfast we then head for the spectacular scenery of Mount Agung and view the Kintamani volcano. Where we descend into the base of the volcano and tour around the lake by trike. After having lunch we then head down the mountain to the seaside village of Chandi Dasa where we will stay for the night. Day two offers awesome mountain views, rainforests, rice paddy views and ends in this beautiful seaside village. where we will refresh and rest for the day ahead.

Day Four
Day three takes us along the north east coastline of Bali where the landscape changes drastically again, this is the coastal run and from here we stop at a secluded beach for lunch and a quick swim. After lunch we head off to Singaraja the northern city of Bali. After visiting Singaraja we then move on to the tourist village of Lovina where we will camp down for the night. enjoy some of Lovina's restaurants and night life, shopping and much more in this tiny village full of character.

Day Five
We wake up have some tucker then we head west to the island of Menjangan, a good open run. After a short stay we then go to the famous hot springs at Menjangan where you can experience this unique mountain waterhole and enjoy a soothing spa in the volcanic hot springs set in a rainforest environment after lunch we mount up and head for the crossing of one of the highest mountains in Bali where the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. At the top of this mountain is the famous lake of Bedugul where we will stay for the night you will witness Bali famous botanical gardens and some of the worlds best statues of gods after a short tour of the botanical gardens we then head off to our accommodation for the night on the side of the lake of Bedugul.

Day Six
After waking in this absolutely spectacular place breathing the fresh mountain air we then start our decent to the seaside town of Tabanan. Here is the home of a unique temple called Tanahlot, here we will have lunch. After lunch we then head south to the most southern point of Bali to the famous Uluwatu temple and the famous surf beaches of south Bali. once again the scenery is spectacular with its cliff faces and deep blue oceans after touring this region we head down to the famous beachside seafood restaurants of Jimbaran bay, where our tour will finish with a beautiful Balinese seafood dinner. Once dinner is finished we then head to the awesome 5 star hotel set on the south cliffs of Bali - the Bali Cliff Resort where you will spend your final night.

Tour Includes
Hotel & Airport transfers,All meals x 5 days, 5 nights accommodation, 5 days trike hire, Experience Driver and guide, Insurance, helmet, jacket. Tour Includes a support vehicle - all luggage, shopping will be placed in support vehicle.

What To Bring
Money for shopping, towel, suitable foot wear, sunblock, clothes for 5 days, camera & film.

Bali Tours - Full Day Tours

Enjoy and discover Bali in the special full day tour. From Bali rural area and paddy producers in Tabanan to visit the prominent temples in Bali. Get your adrenalin pumped with adventurous white water rafting or cycling on the Mount Batur trek. Nodding drowsily from the elephant back and enjoy the rural scene or galloping energetically on the horseback on the beach. Have a full day shopping expedition, charming the exotic birds to eat from your hand, enjoy the city tour, watch the sun setting down to the sea and after working out your muscles all day a pampering spa treatment or a dinner on the cruise would be perfect to fill your day.

Bali Tours Full Day Tours Packages :
Volcano Art Village Tour
Barong & Keris Dance, Celuk Gold & Silver, Mas Wood Carving, Elephant Cave, Kintamani the Volcano, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud Art Village.

Kintamani Besakih Tour
Celuk Gold & Silver, Batuan Balinese Traditional Compound, Mas Wood Carving, Elephant Cave, Kintamani/The Volcano, Besakih The Mother Temple, Kerta Gosa The Ancient Court of King Justice.

Singaraja Tour
Pacung Mountains Resort, Lake Bratan, Gitgit Waterfall, Singaraja, Lovina Beach, Banjar Hot Spring, Pupuan Rice Terraces.

Bedugul Tour
Taman Ayun Mengwi temple, Candi Kuning fruit and vegetable market, Bedugul Lake Beratan, Ulundanu Temple.

Besakih Tour
Celuk Gold and Silver Smith, Mas Wood Carving, Bat Cave, Sidemen Rice Terraces, Besakih Mother Temple, Bukit Jambul, Kerta Gosa Ancient Court of King Justice.

The Natural Beauty Country Side
Candi Kuning, Bedugul, Munduk, Pupuan, Belimbing.

Jatiluwih The Best Rice Terrace Tour
Tanah Lot, Jatiluwih, Batukaru, Taman Ayun Royal Family Temple.

Pengelipuran Traditional Village
Ubud, Pengelipuran, Kehen, Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace.

Karangasem East Coast
Iseh, Sibetan, Tirtagangga, Candidasa, Tenganan.

Gunung Kawi & Art Village Tour
Tegenungan Waterfall Village, Gunung Kawi, Pejeng Fallen Moon Temple, Bedugul.

Lake Batur Trunyan Village
Trunyan Village has different culture that the corpse lied down on the grave yard without smelling.

National Park West Bali
A day tour visit West National Park for many kind of animals such as white starling bird, deer, black monkey etc. then to Jayaprana cemetery over looking the sea and the rain forest.

Mount Batur Trekking
From the hotel direct to the slope of Mount Batur where start trekking to the top of Mount Batur and seeing sunrise.

Mount Agung Trekking
Drive up early in the morning to Bali's highest mountain where the start point of the trekking will be from Muncan Village (Pasar Agung Temple)

Ubud Tanah Lot Tour
Batuan, Elephant Cave, Mengwi Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot.

Jatiluwih Rice Paddy Trekking
Best way to see the Balinese country side for a morning's walking on the rice field.

Batukaru Bedugul Tour
Tanah Lot, Batukaru Mountain Temple, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, Pacung, Bedugul, Lake Bratan & Ulundanu Temple.

Morning Dolphin
Start from your hotel early in the morning to the northern beach of Bali called Lovina Beach.

Menjangan Island Snorkeling
Drive to the west part to Menjangan where best place for snorkeling.

Amed/Tulamben Snorkeling
One of most famous place of coral beach for snorkeling.

Kintamani Tanah Lot Tour
Tohpati, Celuk, Kehen, Penglipuran, Kintamani, Tegallalang, Mengwi, Tanah Lot

Bali Tours - Half Day Tours

Offers choices of combination for half day tour, a thorough combination in a short time comprised from riding a camel in to charming a snake, from walking under the sea to trekking the volcanic of Mount Batur, from breakfast underfoot the Mount Batur to have dinner by the sea, from city tour to museums and traditional market to village tour, from day shopping and sightseeing to midnight shopping and clubbing to the exclusive nightclubs in Bali.
Half Day Tours :
Turtle Island Snorkeling
The best place to find coral garden and beautifull trofical fishes, swimming and snorkling in the sea.

Ubud Tour
Tohpati Batik center, Celuk gold and silver smith, Mas wood carving, Tegalalang rice terrace, Ubud Monkey forest, Ubud art village, Batubulan stone carving center.

Tanah Lot Tour
Taman Ayun Temple, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, Tanah Lot.

Denpasar City Tour
Bali Museum, Art center, Birds market, Pasar Badung Traditional Market.

Kecak & Fire Dance
Batubulan Kecak and Fire Dance performance.

Uluwatu Nusa Dua Tour
Uluwatu Temple, Tanjung Benoa Water Sport.

Barong & Kris Dance
Batubulan Barong and Kris Dance Performance.

Bali Bird/Reptil Park/Zoo Park
Tohpati Bali Orchid Garden, Batuan spectacular Bali Bird and Reptil park.

Legong Dance with Dinner
Classical Legong Dance Performance. Its performance by three girls, dancers dressed in gold brocades and flowered head dresses.

Balinese Shadows Puppets
Ubud Village a classic story from the famous Hindu.

Butterfly Park
Sandan, The Indonesia's only Butterfly Park.

Elephant Park
Bakas Village Elephant Park and Rain Forest.

Camel Park
Nusa Dua Spectacular Camel Park.

Jimbaran Ceramic Processing & Dinner
Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue, Jimbaran Ceramic Processing, Jimbaran Dinner.

Uluwatu Kecak Sunset
Sunset at Uluwatu Temple while seeing Kecak Dance in the temple's ground.

White Water Rafting
Get the experience of a life time by doing rafting along the Ayung River with the spectacular scenery.

Tanah Lot - GWK - Uluwatu - Kecak
Tanah Lot, GWK Statue, Uluwatu Temple while seeing Kecak Fire Dance in the temple's ground.

Horse Riding
Join our horse-riding track which take you through the lush rice terrace.

Massage, Spa, Body Treatment
Join our most sensual SPA and get a total relaxation of body and mind.

Subak Museum & Karambitan Palace
This museum has display about the irrigation, cultivation of rice and social system. Tabanan Traditional Market, Kerambitan and village noted for its beautiful old buildings.

Petulu Thousands of Heron Birds
Enjoy the spectacular sight of thousands of birds (Including the Java pond heron and the plumed egret), firstly by visiting traditional Balinese compound and Tegalalang rice terrace.

Bali Cruises - Island Explorer

1. Relax Sailing Cruise

Join us aboard The Island Explorer, a beautiful, modern 60 ft, Sailing Yacht, Relax under full sail as we Cruise to Paradise

2. Fun Ship Motor Yacht Cruise

Adventure awaits you as you board The Island Princess, This fast, modern 65 ft Power Yacht has all the lates electronic and safety equipment, Sit back and enjoy our spacious deck as we take you back in time.

Included In Cruises 1 and 2

  • Hotel pick up and return
  • Morning and afternoon tea/coffee, snacks, fresh fruit. (soft drinks, beer and wine at reasonable rates)
  • Our famous flame grilled barbecue with crisp salads and fresh tropical fruit. Hygienically prepared in our own facilities.
  • Snorkelling expeditions (all equipment supplied) with guide.
  • Guide Island tour.
  • Share game fishing (trolling).

    If you can swim, snorkelling is a must for a great view of the reef's spectacular marine life and colourfull coral either using the snorkelling gear at your leisure or on a guided snorkelling tour.

    Flame Grilled Barbecue Lunch
    Full day cruises included a delicious BBQ buffet served on board. Our bar offers refreshments throughout the day.