Selasa, 05 Agustus 2008

Bali Spa - Parwathi Spa at Matahari Beach Resort & Spa

Close your eyes and imagine splashing Water fountains, colorful light in a tropical garden and the scent of lotus and frangipani flowers floating on warm. air. This is not a dream; this magical atmosphere awaits you in the Parwathi Spa. Enjoy the calming influence of traditional. Balinese arts pictured in a botanical paradise, resembling an ancient royal palace.

A promise of Bali, pure relaxation and the joyful charm of the natives are set into reality. Unique treatments were created for two therapists working together in total harmony. Feel this sensual experience and let the spirit flow - wellness for body and soul.

PARWATHI’S SPA exclusively designed Sthira and Sukha massages and treatments mirror the idea of unity attained through eternal duality - relaxing and rejuvenating.


The Sthira Massage is a revitalizing treatment, designed to alleviate stress and mental fatigue by relaising blocked energy from the muscles and connective tissue, and redirecting its flow throughout the body to rebalance and reenergize it while calming and clearing the Mind.


The Sukha Massage is luxuriously relaxing, designed to ease all tension through the use of long, rhythmic movements that open, balance and calm the body’s sublte energy centers, while comforting and stilling the mind, creating a lasting feeling of deep peace and tranquility.


In addition to our classic SPA treatments we can offer you an unique balinese wellness experience you will never forget: The Bali Massage is handes down through the generations and it is a very soft and relaxing massage from head to toe. Enjoy this calming effect on your body with the sounds of the ocean at the beach pavilion.


The different types of Massages are the final luxuries in a matching, supporting treatment sequence designed to cleanse, purify and rebalance the body and mind. The body scrubs and body masks will be created with pure essential oils, to allow them to use their healing aroma therapy in combination with the body treatment.


Step back in time, imagine and feel how the Brahmana cast celebrated their wedding preparation with ultimate body treatments and rituals. The ultimate indulgence begins with a deluxe Sthira of Suhka treatment. Enjoying a glass of Champagne the ritual will take place. Live like the Balinese royal, a private waiter will serve a ten course gala dinner surrounded by the sound of splashing water in the pavilion.

The total privacy of the SPA invites to spend the night in the Bali Sari, a king’s bed, open to all sides. A warm night breeze will let you fall a sleep gently.

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