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Bali Adventure - Bali Rafting

Welcome to Bali, the paradise island. Bali has many special tour to offer to fulfilled your adventure needed. One of the best rafting company on the island with many satisfied clients Bali Rafting - The Action Plus. Our white water rafting location at Telaga Waja River, Karang Asem regency the way you go to Besakih temple, the biggest and mother temple for hinduisme on the island

Bali is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia. It is not only culturally rich and physically beautiful on the island and under water surrounding the island.

Joint our professional Bali Action Plus Team, for a superb: white water rafting adventure on Telaga Waja River, cycling, Trekking and Mount Agung Trekking.

All our equipment is of international standard and well maintained. This full day tour is only suitable for people in good physical condition, who are looking for an exciting experience.


Let's joint Us..... !!
Your Action is Began

• The friendly people of Langsat village will welcome you with their broad smiles. After a 10 minutes walk through the village, you’ll start your adventure on the Telaga Waja river. Experience the beauty of Bali through the pure nature, luscious jungle, and lovely terraced rice fields. Paddle through the breathtaking waterfall and plunge 3 meters from the Bajing dam into the churning white water. Nothing breaks the silence except the sound of the jungle and the rush of the river.

• From the beginning to the end of Your action adventure Your safety is our main priority. Helmets and life jackets are provided and must be worn during the action. Our river guides are experienced and professionally trained to meet the standards of the American White water Affiliation.

• They are also proficient in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and are equipped with Emergency First Aid and Rescue units. For your special safety and service, our guides always work in teams.

• All our equipment is of international standard and well maintained. This full day tour is only suitable for people in good physical condition, who are looking for an exciting experience.

• You may help paddling or laying back and absorb your raft down the wild river, upon instructions of your professional guide. The action will truly test your stamina!

What Includes : Air Conditioned Return hotel transfers, International Standard equipment, Delicious Indonesian buffet meal, Refreshment, Shower/changing room and toilet facilities, Insurance coverage.

What to bring : Other Changes Dress, Shorts, T. Shirt and walking shoes, Sunscreen, Your voucher or payment, We accept payment by cash or credit card (Visa, Master, Amex).


This cycling recommend route offer you some of the beautiful and fascinating view of island and allows to ride through a number of picturesque photo opportunity. The cycling start high in the slop of Agung Mountain at Langsat Village, this 25 kilometers rids winds its down hill and flat along valleys,. passing the Traditional village, beautiful of golden rice fields, jungle view, rainforest and natural of Sacred Mountain Village.

Your experience cycling guide will give you detail information about cycling ride completely destination, Balinese culture and costume while pass through the timeless countryside along on ride, arrive finally at the simple of Pakel Village. No other tour activity brings you as close to the 'real' Bali.

The tour includes:

Full air-conditioned return transfers
Mountain bike
Safety helmet
a healthy buffet meal
shower / changing room
Toilet facilities and
Insurance cover (US$ 50,000)


Trek back through the beauty natural Balinese culture and the best scenery of Agung Mountain. Walking into the tropical jungles, trees of salak, Bali coffee, temple and rice field terraced. The trek approximately two and half-hour for 15 kilometers, your guide will introduce you the hidden world of Bali magnificent and culture along on trek.

Visit to traditional village for Bali coffee process from plantation to manual prepared to dry and serve you to drink with traditional style finish for coffee process you will jump into the rice field terraced and cross the river to the end your trek Adventure.

The Tour Includes :
Full air conditioned return transfer
shower and changing room.
Soft drink
Toilet facilities
Insurance cover US$ 50,000.


We take you to the top of Mount Agung accompanying by fresh breeze and bird singing from 2.950 meters above sea level. You will enjoy the panorama of beautifully paradise island.

From here you also will enjoy the spectacular sunrise.

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