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Bali Villas - Bali Masari Villas and Spa

Bali Masari Villas and Spa is a place to be at one with nature, to sooth the senses - mind, body and soul. Our self-contained villas are perfect for the discerning traveler or for executives seeking a retreat to unwind and let the world go by far away from the stress of the modern world.

Bali is an island paradise with its towering volcanoes, tropical forests, coral reefs and beautiful beaches. The Balinese are smiling people and, as Sir David Attenborough once said, among the most peaceful people on earth with probably the world's richest and most exciting traditional culture.

Situated in beautiful countryside overlooking the Petanu River Bali Masari is a hotel with a difference combining the privacy and independence of self contained villa accomodation with the comfort of four star hotel room services. There are 4 one-bedroom and 8 two-bedroom luxury villas each with their own private plunge pool. Facilities include an expansive above-ground pool, a children's pool, a restaurant, a spa and cafe.

The resort is situated near the famous market of Sukawati and is only 15 minutes from the heart of Sanur with its beautiful beach and 20 minutes from the artistic village of Ubud.

Bali Masari is a place to be one with nature, a place to soothe the senses—mind, body and soul. Self-contained villas are perfect for honeymooners or for the discerning traveler seeking a retreat to unwind and let the world go by.

Villa Categories
4 One-bedroom Jepun Villas
6 Two-bedroom Cempaka Villas... more details
2 Two-bedroom Jimpiring Villas.... more details

Jepun Single Bedroom Villa

The Jepun villa is ideal for honeymooners, for families or for four adults to share. Each has a high traditional "Alang alang" thatched roof, marble floors, a small plunge pool, lounge, dining area, bedroom bathroom, shower room, kitchen and deck. Furnishing is to four star hotel standard. The Jepun Villa will sleep up to four people, two in the king size bed and two on the pull out sofa bed in the lounge.

Rooms are spacious. From the garden the front door leads into the lounge area. To one side the lounge leads through french doors to a deck and the plunge pool overlooking the valley of the Petanu River. To the other side is a dining area and kitchen. Across the lounge we enter a spacious bedroom with a king size bed and off to the side a bathroom with european style flush toilet, a terrazo bath and leading out to a separate shower room.

Equipment includes a satellite television and VCD player in the lounge, stereo CD player, and a telephone with international call access. The kitchen includes kitchen units, worktops, sink unit, fridge, microwave, kettle, crockery and cutlery. Air conditioning is, of course, standard as is hot and cold water.


Ferry's Restaurant
Bali Masari has its own restaurant serving a range of european, traditional Indonesian and asian meals. At Ferry's fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere guarantees a memorable experience. Our Food and Beverage Manager, Bapak Suardana, has many years of experience managing guest services on cruise ships. He has an eye for quality both in cuisine and in service.

Most people coming to Bali wish to try the local delicacies such as satay, nasi goreng and gado gado. However to have familiar food available is important. Our menus are designed to suit both desires and our chefs are trained to understand both local and international cooking methods.

"A full range of wines, spirits and beers are available along with exotic fruit juices and a wide range of cocktails."

Bali Masari is centrally located for a wide range of activities and cars and drivers are on hand providing ready access to all that Bali has to offer.

To the North of Masari the roads climb uphill into the line of volcanoes that form the centre of the Island. The largest of these, Mt Agung, is the holy mountain and the home of the gods. Much of Balinese life is centred around their own form of hindu spirituality in which Mt Agung plays a major part. ..... more details

Jamu River Spa
At Jamu River Spa, we offer authentic health and beauty treatments from the islands of Bali and Java, using only the finest ingredients. All our products are freshly prepared according to the age-old tradition of Jamu.

Traditional Body Treatments
These traditional body treatments start with a traditional massage followed by the specific treatment, a warm Jacuzzi bath and a Jamu tonic drink.

Coconut Mangir (2 hours)

Cleansing and Hydrating leaving the skin soft and glowing.
After a one hour massage our special house blend of Mangir is applied. This is followed by a warm Jacuzzi bath then a gentle Tropical Cananga body lotion is applied to moisturise the skin.

Kemiri Nut Scrub (1.5 hours)

Recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
Our treatment starts with a one hour traditional massage. Freshly grated Kemiri blended with a herbal infusion is then massaged into the skin until the nourishing Kemiri nut oil is released. A warm Jacuzzi bath is followed with the application of a gentle Lavender body lotion rub.

Balinese Boreh (2 hours)
Warms and soothes aching muscles and helps to combat colds and flu.
Our treatment starts with a traditional massage then a paste of Boreh powder and essential oils is smoothed over the body. After the Boreh is removed a gentle Jacuzzi bath follows and finished with an application of ginger body lotion.

We use only the finest quality essential oils and traditional techniques to provide a therapeutic treatment that is appropriate for you. Choose from six all-natural fragrances blended with nourishing oil: Jasmine, Citus, Cananga, Ginger, Lavender and Masari Frangipani.

Traditional Massage (1 hour)
This medium firm massage treatment uses Balinese long strokes, skin rolling, kneading and reflexology techniques to stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscles.

Foot Massage (1 hour)
Firstly we gently bathe and scrub your feet using Karangasem sea salt crystals and Peppermint and Lavender essential oils. Then we massage them using the ancient healing pressure point massage technique to stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities.

River Stone Massage (1.5 hours)
We use warm stones from the Ujung River of central Bali and combine them with a traditional oil massage to provide you with a treatment to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Fragrant flowers, herbs and spices have been used for centuries to promote natural beauty and healing. Our facial ingredients are prepared fresh daily and are designed to inspire health, lustrous skin as they balance, cleanse, exfoliate and relax.

Tropical Nut (1 hour)
We use sweet honey cleanser, cucumber tonic, Kemeri nut scrub and a mask made from a combination of delicate flower petals and pure white clay to draw out toxins and purify the skin.

Rose Petal Eye Mask (30 minutes)
This little gem can be taken in combination with your facial or on its own. Pure essential oils and delicate Rose Petals will calm, relax and soothe your eyes. We finish with a gentle application of our pure Eye Balm. A blessing for tired, jet lagged or irritated eyes.

Earth Essence Bust Treatment (1 hour)
For deep conditioning of the fragile skin on the bust area, to increase circulation and reduce sagging. The treatment is most effective when taken twice weekly for 2 months.

After waxing with a specially prepared sugar cane mixture, an Aloe Vera and Lavender lotion is gently applied to soothe and calm the skin.

Rejuvenating Jamu Treatment Packages
Masari Treatment Package (3 hours)
Choice of traditional body treatment and tropical nut facial.
We begin this treatment by choosing one of our traditional scrubs, Coconut Mangir, Kemiri Nut Scrub and Balinese Boreh. Then after a warm flower bath the treatment concludes with a Tropical Nut Facial.

Upper Body Treatment Packages (3 hours)
The treatment includes: Tropical Nut Facial, Rose petal Eye Mask, Earth Essence Bust Treatment and warm Jacuzzi bath.

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