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Bali Elephant Tour - Bakas Elephant Tour

Bakas Elephant Tour or Bakas Elephant safari is under the umbrella of PT. Bakas Aneka Citra Wisata Tirta since 1997 located in Bakas Village, Klungkung. The village is 30 kilometers, which is about one hour drive, from Denpasar. Beside that, it is strategically located where it is closed to other places of interests such us Besakih, Goa Lawah, Candidasa, Kintamani, Tampak Siring, Kehen temple, Ubud and Mas. It is a local business.

Packages for Elephant Tour :

Travelling Through A Village On An Elephant's Back
Experience the exotic Balinese village life while sitting on the rattan chair placed on an elephant's back. It is so relaxing and exciting where you can also enjoy the views of Melangit River, terraced rice fields, sea and Nusa Penida Island, a range of hills and mountains. This program will last for about 45 minutes.

Traveling Around The Park On An Elephant's Back
Enjoy the scenery around the park within 15 minutes while sitting on the foams placed on an elephant's back.

Watch Elephant's Attractions
Come and watch the elephant's expertise attractions. The elephants are capable of following instruction given by human being (their masters). The fee for this program, excluding that of the elephant riding.

Andong Safari
Elephant Safari. It took more than five years to prepare the Bakas Elephant Safari where the company has to meet all administration requirements. Having met all requirements and the quarantine processes, the well-trained and certified elephants were transported to Bakas Elephant Safari area where they arrived exactly at 00.05 A.M. on May 5,2002. The Company with its new packages has now been ready to serve both domestic and international tourists.

Andong is a cart pulled by a house or same horses that used to function as a transport means for a king and his family and other noble people at the Yogyakarta Palace Central Java Currently, we are trying to preserve the inherited cultures of Indonesian and to combaine the preservation efforts with the well-trained and certified elephants, which will always obey their masters, to serve you. We feel honored to serve you all because you have chosen Indonesia for your international holiday destination.

The offered products are very special opportunities for you because our company offers you the exotic village atmospheres and the experience of peaceful and natural daily lives in Balinese Villages.

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