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Bali Luxury Resorts - The Oberoi Bali

at The Oberoi Bali, Each Luxury Villa is an exclusive heaven of peace and privacy,
The Oberoi Bali is located on Legian beach. the most beautiful on the island, amidst 15 acres of tranquil landscaped gardens.The enticing atmosphere of a traditional Balinese village is re-created in the the thatched-roof lanai cottages and private villas, some with their own pools. This enchanting private resort reflects the romance and timeless beauty of Bali.

All that is idyllic and enchanting about Bali is waiting for you at The Oberoi Bali, a serenely secludued cluster of Luxury Villas and Luxury Lanais set in fifteen acres of tropical gardens on Legian Beach. Sea breezes waft through the lushly landscaped gardens laden with frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea which delicately scent the air. Every day at The Oberoi Bali special moments and memories.

Most Luxury Villas have a private swimming pool set in a palatial courtyard. After a refreshing dip, you can explore other tranquil retreats throughout The Oberoi Bali where you can enjoy refreshments, reading and relaxing. Twenty-four hour room service is available for intimate alfresco dining in the thatched pavilion of your Luxury Villa. Afterwards, take a stroll through the landscaped gardens where subtle lighting enhances the romatic atmosphere.


at The Oberoi Bali, the exclusive arrangement of fifteen Villas and sixty Lanais is designed in traditional Balinese style. Nestled behind coral stone walls, each Villa is a haven of peace and privacy, offering a lavish sense of space, with the ultimate in luxury. The Lanais, built in clusters, create an authentic Balinese setting. Gentle sea breezes waft through the surrounding landscaped gardens, laden with sweet smelling frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea.


In open-air massage pavilion at the Health Club of The Oberoi Bali, overlooking the lily ponds, you can drift into blissful relaxation as a skilled masseuge applies the restorative benefits of aroma-therapy massage.


Aroma - Therapy Massage : A combination based on Chinese, Japanese, and connective tissue massages, using essential oils such as Ylang-Ylang, Lavender and Sandalwood.

Balinese Massage : Relaxing and traditional massage technique, handed down through the generations.

Classical Swedish Massage : Using the Mennel method, this massage is describe as the manipulation of the body. Designed to relieve tension, aches and specific muscular contractions.

Shiatsu Massage : shiatsu is a form of natural body work that uses touch to effect the body's internal vital energy flow and thus benefit health. The word "Shiatsu" interally means finger pressure. Giving the Shiatsu treatment to the shoulder is one of the quickest ways to help you unwind and relax.

Anti Sress Massage : A deep massage to relieve muscular tension. Working on Pressure points of the back, shoulders, head and face. This massage is energy balancing and establishes a feeling of well being.

Foot Reflexology (Ing-Ham) Method : The ancient art of healing, using thumb and finger pressure on parts of the feet which corresponds to vrious areas of your body. Reflexology relieves tension and stress and stimulates the nervous system.


Body Scrub : This exfoliation process eliminates dead skin cells from neck to toe, the ideal way to counter skin imperfection, fine lines and brown spots.

Mandi Lulur : This based on traditional ceremony, originating in Java indonesia. It is given to women each day during the week preceding their wedding day. This wonderful experience will smooth, soften and exfoliate the skin, and will rejuvenate your body through massage. It is a combination of : massage, herbal peeling, a fresh yoghurt splash, a tropical floral bath, moisturising body lotion, contemplate the pleasure of relaxation with our herbal tea.

Mineral Mud Treatment for the body : A black mineral enhanced mud enriches the skin and thoroughly cleanses it of all excess oils and wastes. This treatment will refresh and revitalise the skin, increasing blood circulation and contributing to the skin regeneration process.

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