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Bali Adventure - Sobek Adventure

Sobek Adventure (Sobek Bali Utama) is Bali's leading adventure tour specialist.

Sobek Adventure (Sobek Bali Utama) offer more exciting adventure options than any other company, from whitewater rafting to jungle trekking.

SOBEK's professional guides are trained in all aspects of customer safety, including : river rescue; search and rescue; first aid and mountain rescue.

Our river guides represented Indonesia in the 1993 World Championships and Sobek Adventure (Sobek Bali Utama) guides today from the nucleus of the Indonesia national whitewater rafting team. Our guides are also trained to the Swift Water Rescue Program, American Whitewater Affiliation and Australian Whitewater Safety standards. All training programmers including customer service, team work and leadership skills are regularly updated.

Experience the thrill of adventure with Sobek Adventure (Sobek Bali Utama), the largest tour operation of its kind in Asia. Sobek specialises in rafting, kayaking, cycling and trekking tours in Bali and can also arrange exciting three and five day rafting tours to West Java, Sulawesi and North Sumatra. Other exclusive adventure tours and also available to small groups.

Sobek Adventure (Sobek Bali Utama) offer's the widest range of adventure tours on the beautiful island of Bali. They have been designed to be safe, culturally enriching and above all fun.

SOBEK, The Adventure Specialists

Sobek is the leading white water rafting operation in Indonesia and on the spectacular Ayung River near Ubud, rafting with Sobek offers visitors the chance to see the real Bali while enjoying a safe, fun adventure.

On the Batur Trail, cycling excursions take riders downhill through the rain forest on little-used paths and backroad trails while our cycling and trekking tours on the Batu Karu Trail take visitors into Bali's rural and cultural heartland, with a complimentary spa or massage at a nearby hot spring.

Our lake kayaking trips to scenic Lake Tamblingan provide access to one of the most pristine examples of primary rain forest on this beautiful island. Rare birds, trees and flowers are just some of the attractions at this ancient lake, home to one of Bali's oldest temples.

Our trekking tour nearby offers the chance to actually experience the rain forest at first hand.

All Sobek tours include air-conditioned transport to and from all major hotel areas and an excellent international buffet meal at the end of the trip. Complementary Aqua and cold towels are also provided.

SOBEK, The Company

Sobek Bali Utama is Bali's leading adventure tour specialist. We offer more exciting adventure options than any other company, from white water rafting to jungle trekking.
The company has, in a relatively short space of time, established itself as the largest adventure operation in Indonesia and Asia. More than 5,000 people each month enjoy our integrated series of adventure programmes throughout Indonesia - from whitewater rafting on Bali's spectacular Ayung River to jungle treks and rafting trips through some of the wilder parts of Sulawesi.


Sobek Expeditions was established after on eventful trip to the upper reaches of the Nile 20 years ago. During the expedition a five metre crocodile attacked one of the rafts. Although nobody was hurt, two local men who saw what happened came up later saying "Sobek, Sobek... ", the local name of the river god. And so the company found its name.
In 1989 Sobek Expedition explorers David Heckman and Nick Blackboard came to Boli. They made the first rafting trip on the Ayung River and realised it was perfect for beginners who wanted the chance to see the real Bali. Now, invoking the same God of the River, PT. Sobek Bali Utama offers a broad range of adventure tours in Bali and throughout Indonesia. Just look for the sign of the crocodile!


To offer exciting, safe adventure trips that enrich our guests' appreciation of nature, the environment and local culture while committed to the goal of sustainable tourism.


Sobek Bali Utama now employs a total of 400 people including highly trained adventure tour guides, administration staff encompassing operations, accounting, marketing, transportation and support.
Advisor to the Directors is founder Nick Blackboard, a former teacher who has spent more than twelve years in Indonesia and who has a keen and active interest in adventure pursuits.
Sobek has recently set up a wide-ranging "Customer Services" training school to ensure efficient service for all our clients. Guides receive intensive training courses both locally and overseas and due to a generous employment package and pleasant working conditions they not only stay but ore proud to work with Sobek.
The transportation section is well run with a fleet of air-conditioned vehicles and a team of polite, well- disciplined drivers.
At Sobek's spacious Sanur head-office, the telephones and computer booking system are manned by an efficient customer service department. Multi-lingual telephone receptionists ensure smooth booking procedures, while accounting and marketing staff provide their vital functions in a professional manner.


Sobek as a company is committed to preserving the natural environment within which we operate our adventure tours. We regularly conduct environmental audits, employ specialists to train our staff in preservation, and participate actively in a wide range of environmental awareness initiatives. Conservation organisations have commented that Sobek's activities are "a positive step towards sustainable environmental tourism".


Sobek is very much involved with the local people who live along the Ayung River and takes an active interest in promoting the preservation of the river and the communities that surround it.

A company, Wisata Arung Jerom, was set up to provide local people with port ownership of the river operation. The revenues are distributed according to the "Banjor" system, so the people who live beside the river share in its success, and have the economic means to preserve their traditional way of life.

LKMB (Lembaga Kerja Masyarakat Begawan) was established to ensure people from the village of Begawan at Sobek's start point participate in the river operation. It employs local people using a system of one employee per household so wages can be spread throughout the village.

More than half the staff working for Sobek ore local people from the villages around the river, because the company believes that they know best about the river - they have, after all, lived there all their lives.

Sobek undertakes weekly gotong royong clean-up programmes along the length of the river and the courses of the cycling and trekking trips.

SOBEK, Our Product

Sobek offer's the widest range of adventure tours on the beautiful island of Bali. They have been designed to be safe, culturally enriching and above all fun.


    • Whitewater rafting on the Ayung River
    • Mountain Cycling on the Batur and Batukau Trails
    • Jungle Trekking around Bedugul
    • Bali Bird Walks in the rice fields of Ubud
    • 4WD Adventure


    • Rafting trips on the Sa'dan and Maulu Rivers


For large groups, Sobek can organise special trips that incorporate one or more of our adventure tours. Additional services can be provided such as individual pick-up times, banners and specially-designed give-oways.


For company incentive programmes Sobek is happy to organise specially designed trips with an individual touch. Our trips can incorporate team-building exercises and feature spectacular cultural programmes and unusual locations for theme events. For example, we can design a Team Triothlon that includes rafting, cycling and trekking or arrange a jungle picnic in the heart of Bali's rainforest.


Sobek's Living Textbook educotional trips for schools provide hands-on learning experiences for children of all ages. A range of activities from wood carving to Balinese dance ore incorporated into an exciting programme.

SOBEK, Questions & Answering

What do I need to bring with we?
You should wear swimwear or shorts and a T-shirt and a pair at trainers or river shoes. Bring along a sunscreen or hot, your voucher or money for payment and a change of clothes for afterwards.

Can I bring a camera?
Yes. We have dry bags for your cameras so you can use them when we stop for pictures.

What about a video camera?
Yes, the same applies, although it would be safer to leave it behind. We have camera crews who can produce a professional video record of your adventure.

Do we get anything to eat during the trip?
After the rofting, we serve o full buffet lunch at our garden restaurant on the banks of the river. The buffet, which is prepared oy the famous Cafe Wayan in Ubud, includes Balinese specialities and a variety of international dishes.

Will I be pick up at wy hotel?
Yes. From Nusa Dua it takes about one hour to get to the start point, about 45 minutes from Sanur and Kuta and about 15 minutes from Ubud.

How long does the trip take?
The whole trip takes about half a day, with about two hours spent on the river, an hour for a meal and shower after the trip and transport to and from your hotel.

What tiwe will I get back after the trip?
The whole trip tokes obout six hours, depending on where you are picked up from. Five hours from Ubud, five and a half hours from Kuta or Sanur and six hours from Nusa Dua.

Where is the river?
The Ayung river is neor Ubud, in the foothills of the volcanoes. It runs through rain forest, with a variety of unusual plants and ancient trees along the way.

How often do we stop along the river?
We stop once for a 10 minute rest near a waterfall and make a couple of short stops to take photographs.

What is there to see?
Many birds and animals live along the river. There are more than 10 spectacular waterfalls falling into the river which runs past steep stone cliffs and tropical rain forest. On the other bank, Balinese people can be seen working in their fields or swimming in the river.

How fast the river?
The Ayung river is a Class 2 rafting river, which means it is rocky, safe and fun. The grading system goes from one, which is flat, up to five, which is considered unraftable.

How wany rapids are there?
There are 25 rapids on the trip. Some are bigger than the others, but they are all safe and fun.

Do the guides speak English?
All our guides speak English, and many speak a number of other languages, including Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. We also have interpreters available for the safety briefings.

What about in an emergency?
Although our rafting is perfectly safe and we have never had a serious accident, all our guides are trained aid first aid and experienced in handling potential dangers. We carry out regular safety drills and training sessions ror our staff.

Is there any insurance?
We offer US$50,000 insurance to our customers, backed by an international insurance company. Although the guides will take care of your equipment on the river, please take responsibility for your own belongings as they are not covered.

Is the river safe for children and/or old people?
The river is safe for children aged seven years and over. Children's rates apply to those aged 7-12 and we will take anyone up to the age of 65 providing they are fit.

SOBEK, White Water Rafting

Sobek's white water rafting trip down the Ayung River is one of Ball's most spectacular tours. The fast-flowing Ayung River carves its way through soft volcanic rock to produce a narrow, deep-sided thrilling course. We journey throughvine-hung gorges, tranquil rice-paddies and stunning jungle scenery while observing rural Balinese life from the river.


    • Losts 2 hours down an 11-km section of the river
    • A total of 22 class II and III rapids
    • Suitable for beginners aged 8 to 65
    • Maximum 6 people to a raft (not including guide)
    • US$50,000 insurance coverage o Cultural trip enabling rafters to see the real Bali

Book your adventure by speaking to our friendly, English-speaking operations staff. Air-conditioned mini-buses wll pick guests up at their hotel from between 7.45 and 9.45 am for the morning trip, and 12.15 and 2.15 p.m. for the afternoon trip. We take guests in air-conditioned comfort to the starting point at Begawan, 8 kilometres from Ubud where they wit hove the chance to see this traditional Balinese mountain village. Our cashiers there wilt collect payment or vouchers.
Guests will be fitted wth life-jackets and safety helmets, and given paddles. Our guides will introduce themselves to the clients. Guest are then taken down our environmentally-friendly path to the river. Cut into the hill-side and reinforced using local construction methods, the path affords spectacular views of the Ayung River as it wnds its way round an S-bend.

At our put-in point, ALL GUESTS WILL BE GIVEN A COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY BRIEFING by our highly-qualified guides. Alt our guides speak good English as they have all completed English courses at the Indonesian Australian Language Foundation. We also have guides who speak German, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean. River dry bags are provided for client's valuables and cameras.

The 2-hour rafting trip is fun and exhilarating. Clients enjoy the thrill of the rapids, the beauty of the scenery and observe rural Balinese people in their day- to-day life on the river. A stop is made of a spectacular waterfall, and clients are given the chance to get out of the boot to try a natural whirlpool bath.
On the way down our specially-positioned cameramen take still photos and video footage of the indi- vidual boats. These are available for purchase at the end of the trip.

After the last rapid, guest can leave the rafts and float through a quiet logoon to our award-winning Balinese Garden restaurant. Here, the famous Cafe Wayan of Ubud provides an excellent Balinese buffet lunch or dinner.
After their meal, guest walk up to our rafting centre at Kedewatan, where they can shower and change.


All rivers are graded according to an internationally recognized system.
Class 1: calm water, not moving
Class 2: moving water
Class 3: fast moving water
Class 4: very fast moving water
Class 5: very fast moving water with steep drops
Class 6: water with danger to life.

The Ayung River is generally a Class 2 river, with a few rapids reaching Class 3, especially during the rainy season when water levels are higher. This makes it suitable for all people who hove a basic level of fitness and no fear of water.


Our guides have been trained in all classes of river using the Swift Water Rescue programme to American Whitewater Affiliation and Australian White- water Standards. Many hove taken part in exchange trips to Australia and the USA. All have regular first aid training including CPR and dealing with minor injuries. Several of our guides represented Indonesia in the World Whitewater Championship in Turkey in 1993.


Our Riken self-boiling rafts ore tough and resilient, specially-designed to withstand the wear-and- tear of the bolder-strewn Ayung River. They are designed in the US and produced under contract in Japan.


Our life-jackets are specially-designed for river rafting. They float the upper torso of the swimmer above water, covering the waist and protecting the sensitive kidney area. They are zip-secured and strap tightened for a snug fit.
They come in three sizes - small, medium and large to fit all clients.


The wearing of helmets is compulsory on all our trips. Our approved helmets have adjustable interior straps to fit all sizes and are secured with a chin strap.

SOBEK, Mountain Cycling


Our mountain cycling trip provides a gentle downhill ride for beginners and experienced cyclists alike. We start 5,000 feet high on the lip of Mount Batur, and cycle through mountain villages, past picturesque rice terrace scenery down to Ubud for lunch.

Trip Highlights

    • Gentle down-hill cycling trip suitable for beginners and experienced cyclist alike, from 8 to 65.
    • Excellent cultural introduction to Bali as we pass through remote mountain villages and tropical plantations.
    • A relaxed trip that provides time to take in the spectacular scenery throuh which we pass.
    • Cyclists are followed by air-conditioned transport so if guests tire they can stop for a rest.
    • Highly- trained English speaking guides.

Guests are taken in air-conditioned transport up to the lip of Mount Batur. Here we have a snack overlooking the spectacular mountain scenery. Guides will give a safety introduction to guests, explaining how to use the brakes and gears, how to avoid too much exposure to the sun, how to make sure they drink enough fluids, and to always wear their helmets.

We then set off on our gentle down-hill descent of the Batur Trail. We pass through sleepy mountain villages, past traditional Balinese temples and stunning riceterrace scenery as we make our way towards Ubud.
There are plenty of opportunities for guests to stop and admire the views, look at the temples and take photos. Our guides will explain any aspect of Balinese culture that interests guests.

Drinking water-bottles are provided for the trip, and an air-conditioned support vehicle is available for those who feel tired or hot.


We start our cycling adventure in one of Bali's only remaining areas of wilderness, high up in the the pristine rainforest that cover the 2,278 meter high Batukaru mountain. Vast uninhabited forests cover Batukaru and it boasts stunning jungle uplands with sublime landscapes. Our lunch stop is at the natural hot springs at Yeh Panas.

Trip Highlights

    • Gentle downhill cycling trip suitable for beginners and experienced cyclist alike.
    • Optional uphill paths, for those looking for a more challenging ride.
    • Remote and untouched tropical rainforest set in an area of great scenic beauty.
    • Uninterrupted views from Batukau across to Bali's southern coast and it's western tip.

Guest are taken in air-conditioned transport to Batukaru mountain, the most westerly of Bali's three highest summits which dominate the Tabanan regency.Known locally as "Coconut Shell" mountain, one of Bali's most important shrines.

The region surrounding Batukaru is one of great scenic beauty, renowned for it's untouched tropical rainforests.

As we make our way downhill, we pass through quiet mountain slopes magnificent views take in the whole of Bali's southern coast extending wetward across the entire mountain range to the Bali Barat national park.

A support vehicle follows the group throughout the entire trip, and drinking water is also provided.

SOBEK, Jungle Trekking

Our three-hour jungle trek with knowledgeable guides takes guests into the heart of Bali's untouched tropical rainforest. The trek is essentially a nature walk which provides an interesting insight into Bali's culture including a close look at two mountain temples and the sacred Lake Tamblingan.

Trip Highlights

    • A chance to experience a tropical rainforest
    • Views of forest birdlife such as stunning green parrots
    • Beautiful unspoiled lakeside scenery
    • A peaceful trek in fresh mountain air

Air-conditioned transport takes us to the mountains and the traditional village of Bedugul. We stop at the roadside on the way up to meet the wild monkeys, and then stop at Bedugul's mountain market for a look at its array of fresh produce-from exotic spices to tropical fruit.

Our start point is high above the twin lakes of Tamblingan and Buyan which affords stunning views of the lakes and the rainforest. We proceed on a gently downward sloping path towards the unique Dalam Tamblingan temple and the sacred lake.

A rest at the tample, where we take refreshments, provides the opportunity to talk with the guides about Balinese culture and take some photos. We then walk down to the lakeside, and up through canopied rainforest, past giant creeper-clad trees, back to our waiting transport.
The transport takes us back to Bedugul for a buffet lunch overlooking stunning rice-terrace scenery. Then it's back to the hotel in air-conditioned comfort.

SOBEK, 4 WD Adventure

Take a look behind the scenes and discover the warm hospitality of the Balinese people and an amazing array of cultural riches.

Experience the thrill of offroad adventure, trek through stunning landscapes and lose yourself in Bali's serenity and witness traditional crafts in the making.

Join us on a journey of discovery and adventure by Land Rover to the ancient kingdoms of East Bali. Drive down hidden roads twisting and turning their way through ancient villages, over mountain rivers and along forgotten valleys.

Flanked between the giant shadow of Mount Agung and the turquoise waters of the Bali Straits, a traditional royal culture survives amidst a thriving rural community. Explore mythical TAMAN BALI, one of the islands old settlements unique for its unusual customs, festivals and practices.

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