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Bali Luxury Resorts - Begawan Giri Estate

Begawan Giri Estate – Voted #1 in the Top 100 'Best of the Best' in the Conde Nast Readers' Travel Awards 2002

The Source at Begawan Giri Estate – Voted 'Best Overseas Hotel Spa' in the Conde Nast Readers' Travel Awards 2002

Begawan Giri means Wise Man's Mountain and takes its name from the adjoining village. Its lofty position strengthens the Balinese belief that the heights are for the Gods, the middle world for humans and the seas for the spirits of the underworld.

Begawan Giri Estate was built up over a nine-year period, taking great care to ensure that the natural beauty of the area remained undisturbed. The end result is an estate that has emerged, in a seemingly natural evolution, out of the jungle. Begawan Giri is a private estate located amidst the serenity of Bali's stunning landscape, close to Ubud, Bali's creative and cultural centre. Spread out over eight hectares of lush tropical gardens are the estate's five uniquely styled and appointed residences comprising 22 suites.

The concept Begawan Giri is, simply, Life Style. It is a life style that affords you the ultimate in luxury accommodation, the natural beauty that is exclusive to Bali and the privacy of living in your own personal, tropical hideway. You can reserve either a single suite or an entire residence. The emphasis of the concept of Begawan Giri is on choice and the fulfillment of all of our wishes to allow you to share in the experience, magic and lifestyle of the area.Beautiful imported fixtures, Indonesian artifacts, hand-made furniture, and exquisite tapestries and carvings lend to Begawan’s spirit. Personal touches can be found in every corner, delighting the senses and offering glimpses into the culture of the area.

Begawan Giri Estate was built up over a nine-year period, taking great care to ensure that the natural beauty of the area remained undisturbed. The end result is an estate that has emerged, in a seemingly natural evolution, out of the jungle.

The Estate’s five unique residences or 22 suites are designed to meet the most demanding needs of discerning, well-travelled guests.

Named after the natural elements of fire, wind, water, forest and earth, the residences provide elegant facilities with interior designs that combine European and Asian influences.

Each residence comes with :
• Personal Butler • A staff-to-guest ratio of 8-to-1 • Study/Library • Private pool • Separate kitchen and laundry facilities • Large, open-air verandahs • Uninterrupted views of tropical gardens and rice fields • King & queen size beds • Dining & living pavilion • Private Jacuzzi & outdoor shower (Master Suite only) • Personal IDD telephone

Occupying the western slope of the property, the villas bask in the afternoon sun and are the ideal place to enjoy views of the valley set against glorious sunsets. With each villa having its own swimming pool, kitchen and living and dining areas, the new villas address more completely the question of 'privacy'.

The Villas have been ascribed names in celebration of the aspects of Nature's world – Karas Kanaka (Golden Stone), Pita Linggar (Golden Space), Chandra Murni (Pure Moon), Giri Antara (Distant Mountain), Sukma Taru (Spirit Tree), Gesing Kanila (Bamboo Whispering), Sapta Akasa (Seventh Cloud) – and relate back to the elements which name the original five differently themed Residences on the Estate.

Malaysian architect, Cheong Yew Kuan, has continued working on the Annex, harnessing his architectural talents towards the fulfillment of the Gardners' artistic goals. Scouring the region, in particular Thailand, Burma and China, for furniture, textiles and artifacts, the Gardners themselves have elected to personally design and furnish the interiors. The couple has also closely supervised the landscaping of the villas.

Managed by Begawan Giri Estate, the villas will be serviced by the Estate's staff, according the service standards and the warmth that has characterised Begawan Giri Estate.

At Begawan Giri you should feel right at home. Opt for informal, and choose to dine in your suite, at your residence pavilion, or a garden bale, or down by The Source perhaps, in the antique Kudus House. Request anything you fancy not found on the menu. even at odd hours of the day or night. For a more "formal" yel totally refreshing dining experience, head for the property's restaurant named "Biji"- contemporary, refined and with an ambience that satisfies the senses.

Here, amidst a pleasing atmosphere of breezy, urban chic, you savour tasty, well-presented meals, engage in friendly chatter, and look out to stunning river views . You'll find the ingredients consistently fresh, with most of the vegetables and herbs being harvested directly from the estate's well-tended vegetable gardens. Fish and prawns likewise are drawn from the ponds within the grounds, while fowl and other livestock are` supplied by village enterprises supported by the estate.

Simplicity is at the heart of Begawan Giri. The cuisine that is created by Chef David King is New World with Indonesian accents, prepared simply and authentically, using the freshest ingredients drawn from the land. To ensure that Begawan Giri Estate remains self-contained, poultry, fish and prawn farms have been established on the grounds, as have vegetable gardens, tropical fruit trees and flower nurseries.

At Begawan Giri, you can dine anywhere you choose on the estate. In your suite, at the Residence pavilion, in the gardens... or at the estate's new restaurant, Biji. Biji achieves new conceptual standards and and will prove a talking-point in Bali and Indonesia. Globally, the restaurant promises to take its place in the international arena by offering everything the modern world desires in terms of a restaurant.

The choice of fare is large, varied and definitely tempting. Accents and influences of food are broad and truly modern in respect to the world becoming one nation.

"Kudus House" represents an era of former glory, and of Indonesian culture at its pinnacle. The "house" itself dates back 150 years with a history of three generations of living occupants. Located on the western side of the Estate between Biji Restaurant and the Amphitheatre / lounge,

Kudus House offers stunning views of the Ayung river meandering through the valley below in all its splendour. Its cuisine is a classical representation of Indonesian food on the whole with its diversification of styles, flavours and influences encompassing an authentic rustic charm.

For David King, the kitchen reflects the modern day and simplicity is the key. He feels strongly that food should not be constricted by its origins but treated simply, using fresh and authentic ingredients. Today, this approach serves him well with Biji at Begawan Giri Estate. He promises guests and patrons: "Biji Restaurant moves towards the millennium with a 'tour de force' of New World Food."

King was born in South Africa. He attended Ryde Catering College in 1986 and worked in various capacities in restaurants all over the world including London, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong and prior to joining Begawan Giri Estate, at Darley Street Thai, Australia's premier Thai restaurant.

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