Rabu, 23 Juli 2008

Bali Adventure - Discovery Rafting

Whitewater Rafting
This exhilarating journey, which is fun for the whole family,begins with the descent to the head of the Ayung River. On boarding your raft you are almost immediately swept silently through the BAT RAVINE.

Experience the eerie atmosphere as you drift past thousands of roosting bats.Traverse the first rapids the breathtaking waterfall as close as you dare. Now brace yourself for the excitement as you surge through the second and third stretches of rapids (classes three and two).

You will now have the opportunity of leaving the raft to enter a cave where you can through the waterfall or, if you prefer, take a leisurely swim.

Throughout this expedition you are carried past typical Balinese scenes of natural beauty and village life. There will be plenty of opportunities to take photographs to remind you of this expedition of a lifetime.

What to bring
Sport or rubber shoes, sandal, T-shirt, shorts, swimsuit, Spare clothes for the changes, Camera or video camera, Sun cream.

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