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Bali Luxury Resorts - Four Seasons Resort Bali

Terraced through hillside gardens to Jimbaran Bay, an exclusive, exotic retreat immersed in the mystique of this gentle, spiritual land. Balinese sleeping, dining and bathing pavilions surround a courtyard and plunge pool in every villa. At the Resort, ocean-view dining, full Indonesian spa, water sports, tennis; nearby, golf and all the temptations of Bali.

At Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay you enter a natural world created exclusively for pleasure and well-being, where your mind and body relax in delicious anticipation of the sensual experiences that await.

The country, the setting, the villas, the views; no other resort experience quite compares. And nothing quite matches Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay service - an unfailing dedication to our guest' comfort and pleasure.

Four Seasons Jimbaran is located on the southern tip of the island of Bali on the northeast slopes of the Bukit Peninsula.

Luxuriously appointed private villas at Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran are built into a gently terraced hillside named Bukit Permai, literally meaning "beautiful hill" with spectacular views of Jimbaran Bay and Bali's sacred Mount Agung.

The thirty-five acres of superbly landscaped tropical gardens gracefully descend to a sandy beach.


Exotic, luxurious and inspiring, 147 free-standing thatched-roof villas provide a tropical paradise overlooking Jimbaran Bay. Nine spacious estate homes provide access to the beach and offer the utmost privacy. Clustered into seven villages, terrace down the gentle hillside amidst hewn stone paths and luxuriant gardens to Jimbaran Bay.

At your gate, the village chief greets your arrival with quiet dignity, and thereafter takes responsibility for your comfort in his home. Welcoming in the light and scent of the tropics, within every villa are separate pavilions for sleeping, living and bathing, a private plunge pool and a secluded garden shower. Palatial Royal Villas offer the luxury of a personal swimming pool, in addition to a cool plunge, whirlpool and sauna. Everywhere, the unspoken message is one of privacy and peace

One-Bedroom Villas, set in terraces from the water’s edge, consist of separate sleeping, bathing and living/dining pavilions, set within a walled tropical garden. More spacious Two-Bedroom Villas feature an enlarged living/dining area and a second bedroom with private bathroom. Similarly appointed Oceanfront One-Bedroom Villas and Oceanfront Two-Bedroom Villas enjoy stunning views of Jimbaran Bay from their position nearest the ocean.

Two-bedroom Royal Villas offer greater space, privacy and luxury in waterfront locations, secluded by high stone walls. All villas include sundecks with private plunge pools, and most include outdoor garden showers.

Estate Homes
Two-Bedroom Garden Estates comprise a two-storey pavilion with a master bedroom and an open-air living and dining area, as well as a separate pavilion with an additional bedroom overlooking the pool and gardens.

Three-Bedroom Garden and Ocean Estates and Four-Bedroom Ocean Estates offer a two-storey thatched-roof pavilion boasting a master bedroom, open-air dining and living areas, air-conditioned library and sunken lounge. The main pavilions overlook the gardens or ocean, while additional bedrooms offer views of the swimming pool and secluded gardens.

Families and Special Needs
Children under 12 can be accommodated at no additional charge in their parents’ villa or estate in a crib or rollaway, available upon request. No-smoking accommodations are also available. We recommend contacting the Resort directly to make the best arrangements.

Services and Amenities in your Room

  • 100% cotton oversized bath towels
  • CD player
  • Down pillows
  • Duvet
  • Hair dryer
  • In-room safe
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Non-allergenic and orthopaedic pillows available
  • Refrigerated private bar
  • Robes and slippers
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Twice-daily housekeeping service
  • Video cassette player
Business Services in your Room
  • All-news cable network
  • Complimentary newspaper with breakfast
  • Fax/computer hook-up
  • Multi-line telephone(s)

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4-Bedroom Ocean Estate
» 3-Bedroom Ocean Estate » 3-Bedroom Garden Estate » 2-Bedroom Garden Estate

The spirit of The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali flows from cool ocean waters, natural spices and flowers and the healing effects of human touch – incorporating ancient Indonesian traditions and rituals.

Spa suites include oversized outdoor soaking tubs. The Royal Spa Suite provides the ultimate in pampering, with its gentle Rainshower ritual. The private salon offers a complete selection of beauty services, including hair care, manicures and pedicures.

Spa Services

General Information
Hours of Operation :
Open : 6:00 am (treatments start at 9:00 am)
Close : 9:00 pm

In-Room Massage and Spa Services
The Lulur Jimbaran body treatment, as well as Balinese, Aroma, Orient and Reflex massages, can be enjoyed in the guest villas.

Specialties and Unique Treatments
Traditional Balinese treatments using sea salt crystals, seaweed, aromatics and pure water


Body Elixirs
Cleanse, detoxify and renew with garden-fresh herbal and botanical ingredients, as well as seaweed. The following treatments are available

Lulur Jimbaran
Our Lulur Jimbaran combines a Javanese beauty ritual and the ultimate in pampering. It begins with a relaxing Balinese massage, followed by exfoliation with granular turmeric, sandalwood, sweet woods, rice powder, ginger root and spices. Following this Javanese polish, indulge in a fresh yogurt splash and relax with a soothing soak in a bath infused with flowers from our Spa Garden. A "Jamu" herbal beverage is served as you relax and finish with a flower body lotion. The Lulur Jimbaran is a traditional retreat to luxury.

Aroma Steam
The sequence begins with hydrotherapy in your private aromatic steam room, with a choice of lavender-eucalyptus or lemongrass-mint essential oils, alternating with refreshing dips in your own pool. Following this invigorating regime, pamper yourself with a Reflex Massage with your choice of lotion, using the same essential oils as the hydrotherapy session. An excellent way to improve breathing, promote internal and external body relaxation and awaken the senses. Also a perfect remedy for jet lag.

Ocean Ritual
A celebration of water and a tribute to the sea. First, enjoy a Balinese massage with Bali Santi Oil, then refresh yourself with a Blue Ocean Sea Salt Scrub. Luxuriate in a Sea Body Wrap and then recline in a scented Sea Salt Bath. Finish with an Ocean Lotion body moisturiser.

Rain Shower
Begin with a Sea Salt Scrub, followed by the soothing experience of a gentle rainfall, to create a meditative and deeply relaxing sense of overall well-being. Continue with an Aroma Massage with Bali Sunset Oil, followed by a soak in a lavender bath with flowers from our Spa Garden. Finish with a Lavender Lotion moisturiser.

Sea Mint Detoxifying Ritual
Revitalisation, rejuvenation and regaining the body’s balance during a ritual of pampered cleansing. A foaming skin exfoliant of sand, sea salt, and minerals before an icy mint purifying mousse and scalp-massage with a blend of mint, tangerine and rosemary. An immersion in a peppermint rose milk bath while a refreshing cup of herbal petal tea serves as both a tonic and elixir. Detoxified and refreshed, the balance of the skin is restored with a lemongrass and mint body lotion plus a hydrating facial gel of lavender geranium.

Island Fruit Ritual

The oil of island fruits serves as the basis for a natural anti-oxidising massage. The skin then undergoes a mild exfoliation using a papaya and hibiscus sugar scrub before the application of a soothing papaya passion fruit body mask to refine and retexture the skin. A soak in a refreshing bath containing blends of island fruits and wild berries while enjoying a cup of organic berry tea precede a re-hydrating application of a body lotion made of wild fruit.


Essential and aromatic essences of island spices, herbs and tropical flowers are included to relax, calm and balance the body.

Balinese Massage
This relaxing massage has been handed down through generations. It uses the techniques of skin rolling, long kneading strokes, acupressure and foot massage, which are believed to renew, strengthen and heal the body. Our Bali Santi Oil, an herbal coconut oil blended with essential oils of basil, vetiver and patchouli, is used for this traditional treatment (30 to 90 minutes).

Aroma Massage
An aromatic massage to heighten the senses. Choose one of two essential oil blends from our exclusively formulated Spa Collection: Peace of Bali, with sandalwood, ylang-ylang and spice oils, or Bali Sunset, with lavender, lemongrass and nutmeg. A choice of massage styles is also available (60 minutes):
Restorative - light, rhythmic strokes with movements toward the lymphatic areas produce gentle relaxation.

Energising - Relieves stress, muscle tension and aches in problem areas, while deep strokes and cross-fibre massage techniques stimulate overall blood circulation.

Orient Massage
Based upon Oriental theories of energy meridians, this pressure-point massage is effective in relieving tension, headaches and backaches. Focus areas are the hands, feet, ears, face, neck, back and shoulders. No oil is used in this firm pressure massage (60 minutes).

Reflex Massage
A specialised foot and hand massage, to assist in the relief of stress and tension. Helps to improve blood and nerve supply, fostering a restoration of the body's natural state of equilibrium. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy, or "chi", constantly flowing through channels or zones which unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands (30 minutes).


A combination of sea salts and rice, or coconut and vanilla, has been used for centuries to gently exfoliate and revitalise the skin, creating a natural glow. All scrubs conclude with a massage for the neck and back.

Tropical Skin Scrub
Sea water crystals are blended with lavender, lemongrass and nutmeg oil for skin conditioning and overall health. This scrub is a dynamic way to increase circulation, exfoliate the skin and mildly detoxify the body. Finish with a refreshing and moisturising massage with lemongrass and mint coconut lotion (60 minutes).

Coconilla Skin Scrub
Freshly shredded young coconut and vanilla beans are blended with coconut milk in a scrub that polishes the skin and naturally adds moisture and lustre. Finish with an Ocean Lotion body moisturiser (60 minutes).

Papaya Hibiscus Sugar Scrub
A soothing, non-abrasive body scrub using papaya enzymes and the natural anti-oxidants supplied from vitamin-C-rich hibiscus flowers. Following a cleansing rinse, skin tone and moisture is restored with a cool wild fruit body lotion.

Body Wraps
Relax and condition the skin with applications of botanical and sea elements. While the body is wrapped, a massage completes this revitalising treatment for the face, neck and scalp. The following treatments are available:

Aloe and Lavender Body Wrap
Hydrating and luxurious fresh aloe vera gel and soothing lavender are applied to the skin, then wrapped in banana leaves to cool and soothe the body. Excellent for reconditioning and regenerating sunburned skin. Finish with an application of lavender lotion moisturiser (60 minutes).

Sea Body Masque
Rich seaweed skin and body care, for all-over revitalising and toning. The high mineral and trace-element content stimulates the metabolism and temporarily reduces water retention. Complemented with refreshing aroma mist, ocean bath and ocean lotion, blended with vanilla, coconut and citrus essential oil (60 minutes).

Papaya Passion Fruit Body Mask
A body mask of clay imbued with fruit enzymes and natural fruit acids re-hydrates and retextures the skin during a detoxifying body wrap. A relaxing scalp and head massage introduces a final application of a soothing wild berry fruit moisturiser.

Healing Waters and Baths
Pamper yourself in the privacy of your sumptuous villa with a warm bath featuring specially blended essences to balance or uplift your senses. A scalp-neck-shoulder-back-arm massage is included to relax your muscles as the bath is prepared. When you are finished relaxing in your bath, allow the specially infused waters to remain in the tub to maximise their aromatic effect. The following treatments are available:

Pure sea salts are added to a warm bath with scented tropical coconut, vanilla and citrus blends. (60 minutes)

Tropical flower petals and leaves are combined with exotic lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot to create this soothing bath experience. (60 minutes).


A revitalising mask with moisturisers that uses botanicals and essential oils to nourish, hydrate and balance the skin. These refreshing facials include deep aromatic cleansing, exfoliation and massage for the face, neck, shoulders and hands.

Sari Jimbaran Facial
A facial masque with essences of natural island botanicals, tropical ylang-ylang flowers and potpourri, combined with beneficial aromatherapy and modern herbal formulations.

Aloe and Lavender
A cooling and refreshing facial, especially for sunburned skin, with a revitalising masque, aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil.

Sea Elements
A hydrating and nourishing facial for every skin type, using ocean nutrients with a balancing seaweed masque. This facial uniquely combines the essences of earth, air, fire and water elements.

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