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Bali Villas - Villa Waru

Located conveniently nearby the airport on the gentle slopes of Nusa Dua, Villa Waru is located within an exclusive enclave of villas. Through foresight and their personal sense of style, the owners of Villa Waru have carefully nurtured all the aspects of the property to create an exquisite setting where you feel welcomed and calmed within moments of arriving.

Villa Waru’s gardens were conceived and designed by Bali’s colourful and well-known landscape architect, Made Wijaya. The main house was constructed in 2001 and the extended residence around a large pond has been recently completed. Villa Waru exudes the gentle calm and sense of peaceful stability that is reminiscent of a colonial hill station in all its romantic aspects.

Villa Waru combines this tranquility with outstanding amenities. The lighting is elegant and delightful. There are two saline filtered pools, internet access, large flat screen TV, entertainment consoles discreetly placed in each room and a fully equipped gourmet kitchen that includes a commercial espresso machine.

The Balinese staff bathe you in their gentle smiles, the butterflies flutter through the beautiful blossoms and a soft breeze ripples across the pool. The tree branches murmur, the birds sing and the sunlight dapples the light in the Bale where you enjoy drinks served with homemade lemon cake. You stretch out after your arrival and contemplate a swim before sundown, the sun kisses your hair and shoulders, the colors blur into a tropical miasma and the gentle scent of frangipani and bougainvillea fills the air.

“…a wonderful oasis of paradise away from the turbulent world these days!” The Ferrier-Boulas Family from France and America

… welcome home, welcome to Villa Waru.

There are seven individual suites comprising two separate residences within the spacious 1.5-acre (6,000 square meters) estate, each with their own distinct style that can be taken separately or as a group. Each suite is air-conditioned, features en-suite bathrooms and is equipped with telephone, entertainment equipment and private dining areas designed with a creativity that keeps the practical in symmetry with the sensual.

The residences are decorated in a charming fusion of Dutch colonial and Asian furniture. Artwork, silk hangings, elegant painting and curios all come from the owner’s personal collections, reflecting their love of the arts and crafts of South East Asia. The furnishings are discreet and well placed creating a relaxed vacation atmosphere.

After sunset, the enchanting lighting brings the twinkle of stars to the entire villa. The ambient glow of dimmed ceiling lights with discreetly set reading lamps form a luminous lullaby inside the rooms while pools of light play across the surface of the water and gardens.

The gardens that meander through the property inspire thoughts of Eden as water falls, ponds reflect and fish swim through glades of blossom and bending boughs. Petals fall and lilies float, this is a place of myriad purpose. A place to reflect and withdraw; to renew and relax; or simply to gather with friends and family to celebrate the essence of being alive.

Villa Waru offers all the services you would expect to find in a five star hotel and more. The Villa employs a permanent staff of eight, this includes our non-resident Western house manager who is available at all times to assist you with anything you require for your stay from advice on banking needs to excursion planning.

At the Villa there are three security guards, a gardener, house girl and two house boys as well as Komang the chef.

All our staff are fully trained and experienced in providing a discreet and efficient service.

We are very proud and fond of our staff at Villa Waru. They are friendly and helpful and can be relied upon to respond to any situation.

“For our family, the friendship and capability of the staff made our holiday relaxing for all of us. They made us really feel like home. Thank you Villa Waru.” J & M Argente, Spanish and Hong Kong Family living in Canada

The Garden residence is comprised of four suites and is ideal for family group vacations.

Close to the main pool and the kitchen, the ambience of the garden residence with its mature garden, pergola and open dining areas is reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa.

Family meals can be served on the upstairs veranda; the dining bale, poolside or guests can eat privately under the greenery of the pergolas outside the suites. The large round table can hold an intimate dinner for up to 14 people.

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