Selasa, 01 Juli 2008

Bali Villas - d'Alang – Alang Villas

Welcome to d'Alang – Alang Villas

Located at fashionable village of Uma Alas , a minute away to the beach and Seminyak dining area where guest discover the art of Balinese living.Adapted by the Balinese native village life story where majority Balinese family lived in family compound with separate bedroom, living, dining and kitchen area with thatched roof. d'Alang –Alang Villas consent to keep up it's tradition and open up to overseas how Balinese generation build their images exclusive life's heritage and statues a century years ago. d'Alang - Alang Villas designed by fully personal service and private facilities.

The restaurant is daily open for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner being quite confident to serve various choices of European, Mexican and Oriental Cuisine. Our spa itself is totally ready to provide any Spa treatment for you relax and joy while staying in any category of our accommodation . Staying at d'Alang-Alang Villas will surely grand you unforgettable memory in Bali.

d' Alang - Alang Villas is fully private villa designed by personal service concept where guest will served by smiling heart and fist class grattitude. Our philosopy is introduction Balinese family life concept to build heritage and statues images with smiling culture.

Come to Bali, Stay with us and Explore the real culture of Bali, smiling island, the God of Island, the morning of the world and the thousand of temple island.


Surrounding by real green tropical atmosphere, facing the breathtaking Uma Alas village where the privacy setting is in exclusive prestigious. Neighboring the festive glamour of Kuta, body beauty treatment center and highlight to all the exotic tourist object.

The newest fashionable villas style accommodation in the remarkable solitary site of thriving Kerobokan – Kuta Bali.

The distinguish private palace to hide out in the restful surrounding, where the fanciful natural beauty of sights and sound are harmoniously blend with genuine personal services, in the renewal images of ultimate exuberance private villas.

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