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Bali Villas - Villa Cemara

VILLA CEMARA, Not everyone can come to Cemara

Absolute Beachfront - a location unparalleled...
Tucked between a five star hotel and an ancient temple, the 60-metre frontage of Villa Cemara edges the golden sands of Bali's oldest beach resort.

At Cemara Beach, relaxation, water sports and local life intermingle like shuffled cards. Morning beachcombers watch dive boats heading out to the offshore island of Nusa Penida, where upsurging currents bring mola-mola and other rare sea creatures.

As sun worshippers settle into their lounges, fisherman in pandanus hats wade into the shallows with lines and nets, windsurfers skim past and parasailors glide overhead. A kilometre out, silver waves break over the reef that shelters Sanur from undertows and crashing surf.

Now and then, processions wind across the sands as local families and communities hold ceremonies at the water's edge or at tiny temples shaded by sea almonds and coconut palms. After dark, the sound of gamelan practice mixes with western music from scattered café's, candles glow on restaurant tables and the lamps of the night fishermen shine beneath the stars.

Far from the maddening crowd

Villa Cemara is available for short-stay private rental, and is the ideal alternative to exclusive world-class hotel accommodation. Absolute beachfront, exquisite uninterrupted sea views, international cuisine, attentive service - combined with the security and sophistication of a private residence make Villa Cemara the perfect location for the discerning traveller.

Private beachfront villa

Close your eyes - just for a moment ....
Dinner for two. Your private table is away - overlooking the long, white sands of Sanur. Palm trees rustle and candles dance on a tropical breeze. The sun sets deep in a reddening sky - stars mirror themselves in the warm waters of Lombok Straight. Your food is exquisite, the wine superb.

And what of tomorrow? Does it really matter?

For those who appreciate the difference

A lazy chat over lunch with friends, or the peace and quiet of your own space and time - you will soon warm to the very essence of Bali - Cemara style.

Luxury group accommodation

You, and up to eight of your guests, are invited to stay at Cemara. Each will experience personal service that is world-class. Attentive yet unobtrusive. You will judge us not only by what we do for you, but also for when we stay away. Anticipating your needs and dedicated to providing you with absolute comfort and personal service, our English speaking staff are trained to ensure a truly 5 star stay at Cemara.

A feature of every stay at Villa Cemara is the superb cuisine. Our chef will craft meals to your requirements, incorporating a blend of local delicacies and western favourites.

The very best of both worlds

Drawing from the spiritual roots of the Sanur district, Villa Cemara takes its name from the native Cemara tree that shades the temple on the southern side of the Villa. Designed by acclaimed Balinese architect Popo Danes, Villa Cemara blends the traditional with the ultra-modern, incorporating facilities you have come to expect in life. The private grounds spread out along the beachfront - but you are never too far from the very heart of Sanur Village.

Beachfront luxury villa in Bali

Renowned for its bohemian artistic heritage and enduring appeal, Bali's Sanur Beach has long been regarded as a destination for the discerning world traveller. Now, at Villa Cemara you can complement traditional, tropical open-air living with beachfront luxury and world class personal service.

Escape to Cemara - the very best of both worlds.

Stay a while - you won't want to leave

Imagine bathing amongst scented flowers - at one with nature under the tropical night sky. The private, open-air bathrooms of Cemara are renowned for their luxury and sensuality. There are just five beachfront Villa Suites for guests at Cemara, each with its own open- air bathroom, private balcony and each with a stunning view across the sands of Sanur ... to the ocean and islands beyond.

Beachfront Villa Suites

Inside, each beachfront Villa Suite has been individually tailored. Fine Balinese furnishings, original artworks and wooden sculptures, please all who come to stay.

Relax here, 'at home', or wander to the beachfront Pavilion, the spiritual heart of Villa Cemara. This beautiful, open-air building, with its "Alang Alang" thatched roof, is a focus of daily life at Cemara - elevated this elegantly crafted pavilion seems to float like a raft come to rest. This is traditional Balinese architecture at its best, defining yet not enclosing space, open to the shifting light and the salt tang carried on the breeze. A place to dream alone or socialize, it separates the private gardens, sundeck and pool from the vast expanse of sea and sky beyond.

The choice is yours to take.

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